Are You Tired of Struggling With and Being Defeated by Your Emotions?

  • Do you desire to love and obey God with all your heart -but find your feelings getting in the way?
  • Have you begin to doubt that victory over sin, as promised and stated in Scripture, is really possible?
  • Are You Tired of Living this Way and Ready To End the Cycle of Struggle and Defeat?
  • Would you like to know HOW to get your emotions to work for you rather than against you in the service of God?
  • Are You ready to be Emotionally Free?

Then it's time you read Sanctified Emotions: The E-book !

Emotions are something that we all have and experience. Yet for many believers emotions are not perceived as an important and crucial part of their Christian walk and experience.

If anything emotions are often thought of as a nuisance and hindrance to victorious Christian living - as something that we need to be rid of once and for all.

And so we ignore or suppress how we feel -often to our detriment.

And we continue to live miserable lives within, while wearing our "Christian" smiles without.

But did you know that this is NOT what the Bible teaches?

Would you be surprised to know that the Bible actually has a lot of positive things to say about your feelings and emotions?

Would you be surprised to know that the Bible teaches that emotions play an important and crucial role in walking in the Spirit and living a victorious Christian life? 

God's will is that our emotions serve as our allies and not our enemies in our life of obedience to Him.

The million dollar question is: HOW do we do that? How do we order, direct, and incline our emotions to work for us rather than against us?

That is where my book Sanctified Emotions comes in!

In Sanctified Emotions you will find the insights, practical tools and strategies I have learned, used, and taught to others over the past twenty years; these same tools will enable YOU to walk in and experience Emotional Freedom and Victory! 

Here are some of the things you will learn in the book:

  • The Biblical truth about emotions and God's purpose for them in your life
  • The crucial difference between the "lusts of the flesh" and your emotions
  • The positive use of so-called "negative" emotions in the Scripture (did you know that "hate"can be a very positive and useful emotion?)
  • What negative and positive emotions really are - and what they are not
  • The Motivating Factors of Life: understanding why you do what you do and how to use that knowledge on purpose to fulfill the will of God.
  • Strategies for getting unstuck from "negative" feelings and emotions
  • The nine different factors that influence and determine your emotional states-and how to make them work for you.
  • How to effectively meditate upon the Word of God for long-lasting change and transformation of mind, emotion, and behavior
  • The positive biblical relationship between faith and feelings (believe it or not faith and feelings DO go together!)
  • How to truly love God with all your heart - which includes the emotions!
  • How To use your mind and emotions to walk in the Spirit
  • and so much more!

Someone once said  "emotions make tyrannical masters but wonderful servants". If you are tired of experiencing your emotions as tyrannical and tormenting masters and are ready to experience them as wonderful and liberating servants then I encourage you to order and read "Sanctified Emotions" TODAY!



Mike Davis Th.D